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Batch Pasteurizer - PMO Approved 

Tessa Dairy Machinery's batch pasteurizer is a premium equipment designed for the safe and efficient pasteurization of dairy products. With a wide range of capacities available, it caters to both small-scale producers and large-scale industrial operations. Ensuring the highest standard of quality, Tessa's batch pasteurizer is built with precision engineering to maintain product integrity and safety. Notably, it meets and exceeds the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) standards, making it a trusted choice for dairy producers who prioritize compliance and quality in their operations.

Batch Pasteurizer_PMO_3.png


Each batch pasteurizer includes the following items:


AJ 300 Recorder 

AJ 300 records while pasteurization is in progress guaranteeing an approved process according the PMO



Cheese Cutting Knifes

Once milk is pasteurized, the vat can be used as a cheese making vat by inserting cutting knifes

3300 $

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Air Heater Element

A full Stain steel 304 heater

Which included an automatic temperature controller.

Connection 4" Tri-Clap


WhatsApp Image 2023-09-10 at 12.48.19.jpg

Tank Tilting Cylider 

A feature to completely

 empty the tank from curd by using  pneumatic Cylinder

2100 $

Anti leak valve.png

Leak Detection Valve

A  plug valve required according the PMO.

Designed to detect leak milk while pasteurizing.

Fully sanitary and easy to clean.

1900 $

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